About Us


Length of service speaks volumes about integrity and quality. Wilmax Construction has provided construction and general contracting services in Edmonton and across Alberta for over 30 years. In a dynamic and ever-changing industry, our team is dedicated to providing an outstanding level of customer service and superior workmanship.

Since 1984, Wilmax has provided best-of-class construction, renovation, millwork, restoration, and industrial services. Our experience in planning, consulting, estimating and project execution extends across many sectors, from retail to health care and government, and includes a construction services division to meet the needs of the insurance industry and property management firms.

Because construction costs are only part of a facility’s life cycle cost, Wilmax construction management services provide clients with customized solutions that optimize long-term investments, ensuring projects are well-run at every stage, from planning and design to final completion, to control time, cost and quality through a single point of trusted contact and consultation.