A Wilmax Promise

Wilmax is dedicated to impeccable craftsmanship and unwavering customer service. Every project is unique, and if there is a better way to build it, we’ll find it.  

Outstanding Customer Service and Superior Workmanship

Length of service speaks volumes about integrity and quality. Wilmax Construction has provided construction and general contracting services in Edmonton and across Alberta for over 37 years. In a dynamic and ever-changing industry, our team is dedicated to providing an outstanding level of customer service and superior workmanship.

Since 1983, Wilmax has provided best-of-class construction, renovation, millwork, restoration, and industrial services. Our experience in planning, consulting, estimating and project execution extends across many sectors, from retail to healthcare and governments, and includes a construction services division to meet the needs of the insurance industry and property management firms.

Because construction costs are only part of a facility’s life cycle cost. Wilmax construction management services provide clients with customized solutions that optimize the long-term investments, ensuring projects are well-run at every stage from planning and design to final completion, to control time, cost and quality through a single point of trusted contact and consultation.

Our Guiding Principles


Subcontractors You Can Trust

Every employee, subcontractor and business partner is expected to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Safety First and Without Compromises

Project safety and risk management is our top priority. Meaning we go over and above the industry standard to offer you security. Learn More


High Quality Construction Management

We believe in customizing services to meet the needs of each unique client. Every project must be completed with diplomacy and flexibility; especially while working within occupied and operational facilities.

Years Established

Remembering Our Founder

Client relationships, satisfaction and company reputation were of paramount importance to Jim. I trust Wilmax Construction will be able to continue this philosophy and uphold Jim’s legacy.  The best way we can do this is to continue to produce the same service and excellent product the company has provided over the past 37+ years. We are determined to maintain the client relationships Jim fostered and cherished.

I cannot promise to duplicate his incredible, unmatchable sense of humour. I can promise the staff and I will do our best to emulate his amazing work ethic and protect the company’s reputation.  His are large shoes to fill but he trained us well and left a wonderful example for us.

Marilyn Nixon

Owner & Staff

“Wilmax builds relationships. Whether you’re a homeowner or represent a large company, you value knowing that your time, vision and budget are respected and carefully managed. We’re committed to building lasting relationships founded on trust, honesty and transparency.”

Jim Nixon

Founder | Wilmax Construction Ltd.