Wilmax builds relationships. Whether you’re a home owner or represent a large company, you value knowing that your time, vision and budget is respected and carefully managed. We’re committed to building lasting relationships founded on trust, honesty and transparency.

Wilmax is intensely dedicated to impeccable craftsmanship and unwavering customer service. Every project is unique, and if there is a better way to build it, we’ll find it.  While we must achieve a reasonable level of profit to sustain our company and meet objectives, we’re always diversifying our services and improving our methods to remain competitive.

Wilmax offers our people the opportunity to realize their full potential by providing them challenging, rewarding, and responsible assignments. Our management philosophy encourages open communication and recognizes the importance of client and employee involvement in all phases of project development. At the start and end of the day, our clients best interests come first, and how we’re judged by our clients and peers is based on how we perform as team. Teamwork is everything!

Our experience with a vast scope of projects provides us with the expertise and knowledge to develop and deliver construction services that achieve all project objectives.

Guiding Principals:

  • Every employee, subcontractor and business partner is expected to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence,
  • We believe in customizing services to meet the needs of each unique client and project requirement,
  • Every project must be completed with diplomacy and flexibility; especially while working within occupied or operational facilities.